Brass Tacks

Getting down to the brass tacks of startups, science, and technology.

A guide to getting to and saying the one thing that really matters.
'If you can't have the hard conversation around how to split equity, you shouldn't be starting a company with someone.'
The difference between two very commonly mistaken means of protection, and what it means for your business.
Starting a company often requires you to register for state, local and federal taxes. Below is a quick guide to registering your business and the taxes…
Naming a new company is a critical decision when it comes to marketing, online real estate and customer engagement. Here are some steps to follow.
If you're starting a business for the first time, choosing your entity type can seem like a tricky endeavor. What is the difference between a C Corp
At a startup, every employee has the ability to grow the company exponentially. Some people have the innate knowledge of what needs to be done to grow…
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